“Gorillaman 40”: Special Read-out “Family Edition” 

gorillaman 40

A special reading of the new ‘Gorillerman 40’ special ‘Family Arc’ of Harold Sakuishi’s manga ‘Gorillerman’, which gained popularity mainly in the 1980s and 1990s, will appear in the 44th issue of the manga magazine ‘Weekly Young Magazine (Kodansha), which goes on sale on 3 October. The main character is a girl from Gorillaman’s Imadoki.

 Gorillerman is the serial debut of Harold Sakuishi, also known for “BECK”, “Stopper Poison Island” and “Seven Shakespeare”. The story is about Sadaharu Ikedo (Gorillerman), a mysterious man with a frightening face that looks a lot like a gorilla, who is transferred to Shiratake High School for some reason and gets into a lot of trouble. …… An OVA (original video animation) was also produced.

 ”Gorillaman 40″ features Sadaharu Ikedo at the age of 40. It was serialized in the same magazine from March to August this year.


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gorillaman 40

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